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CT's Roadside BBQ


Authentic, smoked BBQ served out of a '65 Chevy

By combining his passions for classic car restoration and culinary ventures, owner Craig Talmadge (CT) has put his twist on what a food truck can be. His vision, combined with his daughter's entrepreneurial spirit, is what has become CT's Roadside BBQ. The two believed the truck and roadside stand would be the perfect addition to their family's property Beech Tree Cottages and are happy to say they have been serving their own style of Connecticut barbecue since 2012. Enjoy BBQ in the spring, summer, and fall at your next private party.

CATERING ORDERS available on select dates each season, for local pick up only.

Email to view available dates and pricing, or call or stop by the Beech Tree Cottages' office during gift shop hours to inquire.

Full Service Catering and additional menu options available for those who wish to host a private event onsite at Beech Tree Cottages on our spacious lawn or tented patio.

Please inquire to for information about 2025 bookings.

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